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Brian is a well-established and accomplished piano instructor with over 20 years of experience. He offers a unique approach by integrating the basics of piano instruction with music tailored to the individual student. This offers students of all ages and levels immediate access to a true musical experience.  Brian's musical arrangements and compositions are aimed at allowing students at any level to experience the full joy of music.

While classically trained, Brian specializes in popular music and emphasizes the importance of making music lessons fun. His extensive library of music helps students steadily continue their progress while being able to play pieces suited to their taste and learning stage.

Brian is sensitive to the needs of the young beginner to learn how to navigate the notes and while finding the joy of playing the piano from the very beginning. Traditional training elements are woven into the learning of each subsequent piece.

Adult students are encouraged to pursue their piano instruction in the musical direction of their choice.


Lesson Details


In-home lessons available upon request

Lessons are held in my professional in-house piano studio, which includes two grand pianos as well as a keyboard.


30 minutes for $26, $45 minutes for $38 and 60 minutes for $50.

For in-home lessons, travel time will be added to lesson duration.


Lessons must be rescheduled or canceled 24 hours in advance.

Brian is a certified member of the Washington State Music Teachers Association.