About Me


My lifelong enjoyment of music began at a very young age. Following high school, I was awarded a scholarship at Cornish College of the Arts. I then pursued my study of piano performance and composition at the University of Washington. 

I have perfomed at Nordstrom's department store, private special occasions and personal projects. I have been fortunate to teach piano for the past two decades and continue to enjoy playing, composing and writing instructional pieces for my students.

I have been composing songs throughout my career,  including an extensive - and ever growing - library of teaching pieces.  My objective is to compose pieces that help students develop a particular piano skill while playing a song that they can enjoy musically and emotionally.  Retaining the musical interest and imagination of students is key to developing their piano expertise over time, leading to an enduring appreciation of music.

My personal musical journey continues, exploring new styles and genres of music.