Lesson Details

In-home lessons available upon request

Lessons  are held in my professional in-house piano studio with two grand pianos  as well as an upright piano, a keyboard and a wide assortment of other  instruments. 

To  assist in the learning process, I provide my personal compositions and  arrangements of popular music.  They teach targeted musical elements,  keeping students motivated while they progess in their musical  abilities.  Students can pick the song - or kind of song - they would  like to learn.  In  addition, I standardly use drum machines, accompaniment recordings and  play duets with the students, to help establish rhythm, timing and  fingering.

About Us




For in-studio lessons rates are 30 minutes for $28, 45 minutes for $40 and 60 minutes for $50.

For in-home lessons, lessons rates are 30 minutes for $52, 45 minutes for $76 and 60 minutes for $100.



Lessons must be rescheduled 24 hours in advance or lesson fees will apply.



Weekly lesson times are scheduled between 11am - 8pm, Monday through Saturday.   

Educational music posters mapping the  development of classical music as well as jazz at a glance for students  interested in music history.